The Foxfire Browser offers the latest greatest browser experience with unparalled security. IE just released another patch to correct security holes. With the Foxfire Browser one does does not have to worry about slow download speeds or browser related security problems. Its open sourced software simply makes more sense. Real people in the real world have access to the simple code which insures the Foxfire browser will always contain the most user-friendly features of any available browser today!

Foxfire Browser is FREE

  • More Secure
  • Faster
  • Free From Spyware Issues
  • Super Easy Install
  • Now Includes Google Toolbar!
  • Completely Free
  • Free Upgrades Forever
  • Foxfire browser is easy to use

Install the Google Tool Bar with the Foxfire Browser for an even better browsing experience with the FoxFire Browser!

I did an expirment with the Foxfire Browser and IE. I had two identical computers side by side. I opened IE on one computer and the Foxfire browser on the other. I ran speed tests to many different sites simultaneously on the two computers. Each and every time the Firefox Browser opened the page faster than IE. Then, just to check, I switched the browsers on the computers. Again, the Foxfire Browser beat IE each and and every time! Why would anyone not download the Foxfire Browser and use it for their main browser?

More on the Foxfire Download

The Foxfire Browser is More Secure, Faster, and Almost Free From Spam and SpyWare Threats!

The Google toolbar is COOL! My favorite feature of it is the PageRank bar.
You can easily tell how well established and accepted the site is which you are browsing.

This page is named in order for people who are wanting to download the Fire Fox Browser. I made the same exact mistake a while back. I was wanting to download the Mozilla Foxfire Browser and typed in by mistake. So here it is, the place where you can download the safest, fastest, and easiest to use browser in the world!

Additionally, here at the Foxfire Browser page we highly suggest installing the Google ToolBar! When you install the Fire Fox Browser, you'll have the opportunity to install the Google ToolBar too. Here are just a few of the handy things it can do for your browsing experience after downloading the Foxfire Browser!

Automatic Spell Checking For Forms

Auto Fill Can Automatically Fill in Forms For You in the Foxfire Browser

Wow! The Word Translator Can Translate English Words Into Other Languages

Google Suggest in the Foxfire Browser Makes Searching the Web Even Easier

Are You Tired of Your "SlOW" Internet? Get the Foxfire Browser Today!

More than likely it is not the Internet that is slow. It is probably all the malware and spyware on your computer. Yes, you can use tools to clean it up. But that will take you a lot longer than it will take to download the Fox Fire Browser here at! You will be amazed at how fast your Internet really is! And while you are surfing at super high speed, you won't have to worry either about safety. The Fox Fire download is far more secure and safe than Microsoft's browser!

Install Foxfire Browser for Safe and Secure Browsing

Are you tired of all the spyware slowing down Microsoft's Internet Explorer? I am too! Fire fox Browser will all but solve your problems. The Foxfire Browser download from is simply not vulnerable to all the nasty spyware threats on the Internet! Also, the Foxfire Browser with the Google ToolBar from has built-in popup blockers! Plus, you'll be notified in the browser when new updates are available. They are easy to download and always FREE!


The Foxfire Browser is easy to install!

It's fast and easy and you'll be browsing the web in just seconds! You'll be amazed at how much faster and easier web surfing can be!

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